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Welcome to Silver 54. We are an Aladdin’s cave of silver jewellery, set in the historic town of Ware. We pride ourselves on the fact that, in addition to our vast collection of sterling silver, we also offer a wide array of semi-precious pieces, sourced from all over the world. Here, we have something for every pocket and every taste.

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Royalty – the poster girls for brooches

Royalty – the poster girls for brooches

With the Platinum Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II upon us, all eyes will once again be on the royal family, what they wear and their accessory jewellery. And, as has been the case throughout Her Majesty’s reign, you can be sure that brooches will be front and centre,...

Freedom – At Long Last!

With our gradual emergence from lockdown and our eyes set on a hot and sunny summer, all eyes are on an easy way to get back into the habit of dressing to impress ourselves, and others. And the fashion for jewellery this summer is Long! Where in previous seasons the...