The birthstone for February Is Amethyst; A vibrant gemstone that varies in colour from the palest lilac to the deepest purple. I, personally, love this gemstone because it can be worn by everyone and compliments every outfit, whatever the season, day or night.

Amethyst has been prized for its beauty and legendary energies for thousands of years. In Ancient Greece Amethyst was said to prevent against drunkenness, and it was believed that its bright colour came from Dionysus, the God of wine, pouring out his wine over a clear crystal in mourning. Because of this, amethyst has long been rumoured to promote sobriety – both in the literal sense, and in the metaphorical sense of being able to think more clearly.

Royalty, both past and present, also seem drawn to the vibrancy and colour of this stone and it adorns many tiaras, earrings and necklaces in many royal collections. Here is a set of what once were Queen Mary’s amethyst jewels:

Amethyst is just as popular today. With many celebrities being seen wearing amethyst jewellery on the red carpet.


It is thought that amethyst can promote a sense of happiness and peacefulness while also bringing about inner strength. So, if you are going through an emotionally turbulent time at the moment, or if you simply want to add an opulent touch to any outfit, why not check out our range of amethyst jewellery here?