To stack or not to stack is the big question when it comes to bracelets this summer.

Bracelets are never far from being the go-to accessory, but this season they are really Big. Open any magazine and you will see celebrity after celebrity wearing an abundance of Arm Candy in all colours, shapes and sizes.

So the question is… ‘to stack or not to stack’.

If you are new to this look you may want to get started a sleek solid silver bangle. It allows you to get used to the feel on your wrist and instantly updates your look. The bangle below is easy to slide on, has a simply squeeze based clasp and is classic in design, so will last a lifetime and never go out of date.

Next think about adding a different textured bangle or bracelet. We love hammered silver for this, as the texture draws the eye and reflects the light. It makes a great foil for any other plain bracelets you are wearing alongside it.

Now you are off to a great start…   how about adding more designs and textures by adding a few bracelets to give you the layered look? This mix provides a more boho look and adds interest through the varied movement. One of our favourites, which is a good all rounder for either stacking or wearing standalone, is our Silver 54 sweetie-style bracelet made of a series of thick rings enhanced by a beautiful heart charm. It fits nicely to the wrist and is easy to roll on and off without assistance.

And if you are looking for a more eclectic look that is a little more neat and discrete, why not use several thin dainty bracelets. These can be simple slim bangles, or bracelets such as these ball bracelets with charms to add variety and interest.


Whatever your personal style, there is such a vast array of designs to choose from you can really make your arm candy style your own. For more bracelet choices, why not visit