Gemstones are not just pretty stones we use to adorn jewellery. They have always been associated with the mystical, religious and spiritual.

In today’s hectic world more and more people are turning to crystals and gemstones to help them be more grounded and to find some inner peace.

I have listed a few of the more well known stones and a little information about them.


A lovely rose pink coloured stone, used widely in the jewellery industry for its lovely delicate colour. This stone is used for its healing properties, said to restore trust and harmony in relationships, The universal stone of love.


I love this stone, milky white in colour with a lovely blue iridescent  flash running through it.A very versatile stone, said to be the bringer of calm,peace and balance, using the soothing energy of the moon.


A one of the most popular stones in jewellery making. A grey coloured stone with a blue iridescent flash running through it.

A stone of transformation,it balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds the spiritual energies.


The birthstone for those born in January.A lovely ruby red wine coloured stone.It is said to enhance the wearer and bring them health, peace and prosperity.


The birthstone for those born in February.

Alluring Amethyst, a gorgeous colour ranging from pale lilac to deep purple.This stone is said to strengthen relationships and give the wearer courage.


The birthstone for those born in March.

The sailor’s talisman, said to protect them at sea, via the power of Neptune god of the sea. This stone is the colour of the sea a pale blue,green.colour.


A rich vibrant stone, comes in a range of green hues. This stone signifies wisdom,growth,patience. it has long been associated with fertility,rebirth and love Venus the goddess of love.


The birthstone of those born in July.

King of gems, rich vibrant colour. This stone has been used throughout history to from evil. the stones deep red colour is and always has been associated with eternal love.


The birthstone for those born in the month of August. The lovely colour of this stone is known as the evening emerald, a deep pale green hue.It is said to represent strength and good fortune, help with restless sleep and nightmares.


This is the birthstone for those born in September.

A delightful dark blue coloured gemstone,This stone is said to possess magical powers. It is often worn by spiritual leaders, representing truth,faithfulness and sincerity.


The birthstone for those born in October.

This stone is said to represent. Love,hope,innocence, purity,luck and happiness. A very powerful stone.


The birthstone for those born in November.

This stone comes in many colours but widely known and used is the blue topaz, a lovely pale blue coloured stone.Represents powerful love, bringing strength and affection.


The birthstone for those born in December.

This stone has a lovely blue colour, often with slivers of copper running through it.This stone is very powerful in Native American culture, associated with wisdom,courage and good luck.