No longer something your daughter might find while playing in granny’s jewellery box; the Brooch is back!

For me the brooch never went away. I have always scoured markets and junk shops to find that perfect piece of 1930s glamour. The brooch was a signature piece of so many of those old Hollywood actresses. I especially love the fun and glitz of a Christmas brooch; What a way to add some festive fun to any outfit. This season I am spoilt for choice!

Designers and fashionistas are re-discovering the beauty and versatility of the brooch. Both Prada and Dior used this item of jewellery to add a glamorous, vintage touch to their Autumn collections.

From spiders and reptiles to huge sparkly affairs, each ensemble was dressed with a varying number of brooches.

How to Wear a Brooch:

Be creative, brooches are not only for the lapel of a jacket or coat.

  1. To hold a scarf in place – practical but elegant.
  2. As a necklace – chokers are big this season, why not pin a brooch onto a choker to create a real statement piece.
  3. In your hair – Elizabeth Taylor was renowned for wearing brooches in her hair. This was repeated to style Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey and I know we will be seeing more of this in the coming season.
  4. At the neckline of a little black dress – Meryl Streep showed us how this is done; GORGEOUS!