As with so many things in fashion, the wearing of brooches has come full circle.  Featured heavily in the major fashion houses shows for Autumn Winter 2018 and Spring 2019 brooches are 2019’s ‘must have’ costume jewellery fashion accessory.

While many fashion trends make intermittent come backs as designers add their own twist, few can claim to have had the longevity or evolution that brooches have. Since the time that ‘man’ needed to cover himself with more than just his modesty, pins and brooches of varying types, designs and materials have been used; initially to keep cloth together, and latterly as a statement of wealth and style.

And where for many years, brooches were traditionally used as a lapel embellishment, today they have widened their appeal to adorn bags, scarves, hair styles and even the waists of dresses.

From delicate enamelling and filigree work, to bold statement pieces bedecked in crystal and cascading pearls, to stylish minimalistic Danish-reminiscent designs, today absolutely anything goes. As long as you wear it with confidence and it reflects your personal style.

Favour the colourful and quirky? Brooches featuring animals of all shapes and hues are popular choices, particularly for dog and cat lovers.

Care for the natural world? You won’t go wrong with any of the many bee-, insect- and nature-themed brooches currently on the market.

Looking for a finishing touch for that special occasion outfit? Pearls and/or crystals are just the right accent to offset a classic outfit.

Thinking of Mother’s Day? Floral-based brooches provide a life-long reminder of your affection, lasting longer than the more usual floral gift.

Brooch Etiquette

Whatever brooch style you choose, whether flamboyant and quirky or classical and contemporary, there are really few rules about how and when to wear them, but we do have a few tips you might want to consider.

An economical way to update an old outfit. We’ve all got clothes that are too good to junk but just don’t inspire us or have the same pizazz as when they were new. A well-chosen brooch with a quirky twist or that makes a bold statement draws the eye to the brooch and away from the clothing.

Left or right – makes no difference. A brooch looks good whatever placement you give it, left or right. Some even chose to use them at the throat to close a neckline on a blouse or in the V-neck of a dress. Whatever its role, you might want to consider though that your stunning brooch will garner attention, so probably best not to pin it somewhere you don’t want to draw attention to!

Give yourself Hattitude. If you’re a frequent wearer of hats but want to add your own personality, a well-placed brooch can be just the twist you need. From woolly bobble hats to tasteful trilbys, a carefully chosen brooch with personality can say a lot about your style and hattitude.

Boring bags – a thing of the past. We’ve all got that fashion bag in the wardrobe that has lost its edge and requires an injection of life.  Don’t simply bin it. Bling it up with a brooch where the straps meet the bag; or on the flap or corner of an evening bag. It will give it a whole new lease of life; even if it is only for one more outing.

Above all, when it comes to choosing your brooch, make sure it is something you love, reflects your personal style, and makes you smile. A good quality brooch will be with you for a lifetime.

And if you are looking for the perfect gift, there are few things that say you were thinking carefully about the recipient when making your selection, than to choose something that has meaning for them too.

A brooch of every taste and every occasion.

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Blog by Artizan Communications 2019