When we think of Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday, perhaps the most immediate gift idea that springs to mind is a bouquet of flowers or a plant. Yet, beautiful though they may be, their limited life can often mean a costly expenditure that lasts a short space of time.

While we would never begrudge special Mums the beauty of flowers to express how much they mean to us, we prefer our gifts to have a little more longevity – something they can see often and be reminded of how much they are loved.

That’s why we love our various ranges of flower jewellery; whether our miniature natural flower range suspended in resin, or our sterling silver ranges highlighted in gold or brass, there are a wide range of different blooms to choose from. And if you want to add a special message behind your gift, here is our short guide to the language of flowers:

  • Roses – traditionally the flower of love and respect, are a firm favourite
  • Day Lilies – the Chinese emblem for mothers
  • Forget-me-not – for those all important memories
  • Daffodil – for showing your regard and respect
  • Lavender – for love and devotion.

So, if you are looking for that special something to get your special Mum, why not visit is at 54b High Street in Ware? Or let your fingers do the walking a www.silver54/mothersday