With our gradual emergence from lockdown and our eyes set on a hot and sunny summer, all eyes are on an easy way to get back into the habit of dressing to impress ourselves, and others. And the fashion for jewellery this summer is Long!

Where in previous seasons the look has been for collars and shorter necklaces; with our ever-increasing freedom comes the more relaxed yet no less stylish longer chains and costume necklaces with mixed metals and bold colours.

To celebrate our freedom and enhance the softer lock-down looks that we have become so fond of, this season’s finishing touches have echos of the relaxed looks from the 1960s to 1980s.

Highlighted as the epitome of chic by Chloe, Dior and Chanel in recent weeks, long designs including beads, pearls and single pendants are all in vogue.

Whether you opt for a single pendant, or a metal or chain link style, you really can’t go wrong with this style of accessory as it adds length to the body and offers the finishing touch to every outfit.

Why not check out our new range of long costume designs and sterling silver pendants and create your own Freedom style?