As spring approaches and the over-the-top runway fashions are toned down for the high street, a number of key jewellery trends are emerging. If you pride yourself on staying current, why not check out some of these?


If Pearls make you think of single graduated strands like those worn by the late Queen or with 1950s twin sets, it’s time to think again. Today’s trend is for Big and Bold. Multi-layered. Classic with a twist. And the more the better. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces or all together.

Pearls come in so many shapes and sizes that there’s bound to be something that hits your style and they are a versatile statement to add to your wardrobe that will outlast seasonal trends.


Last year saw a lot of simple woven chokers worn by the stars. This season the look has been upscaled using gold and silver, multiple layers and mixed metals for a chic, effortless and sophisticated look. Add in a pearl choker and you have a great way to combine two trends.



Whether your preference is for studs or drops, oversized earrings are taking over from the more simple small designs of the last few seasons. One key trend are earrings that reach your chin or shoulder level and are linear or chandelier in design. Certainly not for everyone but long flirty earrings are great for the months of lighter clothing. Alternatively, big and bold, contemporary designs – particularly pear shape –  that are in a high sheen gold or silver and reminiscent of the 1970s are a strong look.




The humble ankle chain is having its day in the sun, with all styles, shapes and sizes making the grade. Not just a summer accessory, many wear them year-round, with styles ranging from metal to beaded.


A trend that is here to stay, layered jewellery can create a real signature look. Whether you choose to layer multiple versions of a similar style such as pearls, or individual necklaces on differing chain lengths, the layered look fills the neckline  and adds a totally personal touch to your style.



3D flowers – particularly open roses – were a strong feature on the catwalk and this is set to be a key design motif this season. Fashioned in everything from fabric to acrylic, they can be ideal for adding a punch to more streamlined looks. And flowers are never an unwanted gift when it comes to Mother’s Day.


Last year’s multi-brooch look has been eclipsed by the advent of the single striking brooch – à la royal family. The subject can be anything, as long as it makes a streamlined, stand-alone statement that draws attention.




Hoops are still as popular this season as they have been over the past three. For 2024 they are just getting bigger and more decorative in style. So a sprinkle of CZ, enamel, acrylic or even wood will ensure your hoop collection stays up to date.



Single or double cuffs. Metal or beaded. Wood or acrylic. The cuff is a major look that has travelled down through the centuries to todays’ iterations. Great with a pushed back sleeve or on a bare arm, there is something strong and commanding about a woman who wears a cuff.



If they can’t be seen easily as you wave your hands to talk, then they aren’t worth wearing. Whether you choose a single ring to make your mark, or stack smaller rings to create the same look, big and bold is definitely best for this season.

With so many diverse and exciting looks to choose from this Spring/Summer season, there is definitely something for everyone to create your own unique style.  Why not pop into Silver 54 and we’ll help you style your season?