It has been a difficult period we have all gone through and continue to go through.In these times the rainbow has become a symbol of hope and togetherness.As we emerge from lock down the rainbow continues to remain important to us. Fashion Designers and Textile Designers are all busily adding splashes of colour to their designs.Jewellery is following this trend, we  are seeing more and more colourful pieces that instantly update any outfit.

A symbol of hope and togetherness.

There are many ways to follow this trend for colour, jewellery containing semi precious stones would be ideal. The vibrancy of Turquoise the deepness of Red Jasper to the mellow beauty of Rose Quartz there is a stone for every colour and mood.


For a bigger splash of colour acrylic jewellery is the way to go Acrylic gives great colour and styles whilst remaining not too heavy and wearable. This piece would give an instant uplift and  bring any outfit on trend.

For just a nod to this trend go for a delicate pair of stud earrings, these rainbow studs are perfect.