For me, my favourite range of jewellery that we stock is our nature collection. I’m particularly taken with the bee and his life and role in the world. Many people don’t realise that this beautiful little fuzzy insect, whose hard work ensures we have the crops needed for many of our foods, is under threat of extinction. Therefore, we chose to have a selection of bee pendants to not only highlight the beauty of the bee but to also raise awareness of ways to help save the bee.  We can do this with simple acts such as planting our gardens with flowers that will attract bees. Don’t forget a water supply too! In this summer’s heatwave they also need somewhere to get a drink.  Also, there are pretty little insect hotels on the market that will provide safe shelter for the bees.

Our bee range includes a delightful chubby little bee pendant, made from sterling silver and studded with cubic zirconia stones. The detailing on his wings is intricate and shows of his delicacy – just how does this wonder of nature actually fly? The laws of aero dynamics say it should be impossible!


Then there’s our sterling silver bee with his vermeil body, to show off his honey colouring.  He’s irresistable!



And two new additions are our rose gold plated and yellow gold plated handsome little bees.

These are just a small selection of what we have in store. Browse our website, find us on Instagram @silver54b, or pop into our shop to view our whole range.

Famous celebrities who are bee keepers have the likes of Scarlet Johanson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Morgan Freeman amongst among them.

You can join in with the stars and help to save the bee because with every sale of a piece of bee  jewellery we will make a donation to the Bumble Bee Consevation Trust.