Jewellery has long been associated with memories of the people who have gifted it; or been chosen in remembrance of a loved one no longer with us. Some jewellery, such as the traditional charm bracelet, has been used as a reminder of special events, occasions, travels and interests. However, as with many things, the charm bracelet fell out of fashion around 30 years ago – considered old fashioned and too obvious by many.

Personalising has had a renaissance

Today, with personalising your jewellery – making it something truly unique to you – such a hot  a renaissance. But where charm bracelets were always something of a challenge – with the need to go to a jewellers for the charms to be added, or alternatively choosing a charm with a trigger clasp – there is a new kid on block and it’s a game changer.

The latest charm bracelet style has trigger links throughout the bracelet hat enable you to open and close each link at will. So not only can you now personalise your bracelet by cherished memory charm, you can also tailor it to match an outfit or occasion.

Change your own charms

Our new range – Make it Personal – features just one such bracelet in Sterling Silver. A substantial bracelet that can be worn as a really striking piece without charms, it has sprung links allowing you to add and remove charms as you choose.

From elegant CZ-encrusted initials to feathers, bees, rainbows, and everything in between, we have a carefully curated collection of charms to cover all life events and milestones.

With the continual drive to be different, there’s no better way than through jewellery that is unique to you.

The charms and bracelet are all available on our website at or you can see them in person at Silver 54, 54b High Street, Ware, SB12 9BZ. 01920 469470.