Mum’s… there’s nothing like them. They give you life. Kiss your hurts. Provide unending support – and taxi rides –  and prepare you for the future. Yet silently, in their hearts, they are always hoping that you will come back home – even if  it is just for your washing to be done or to share your favourite Sunday Roast.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we’ve put together a gift guide that will help you show not only how much you love her but how well you know her too.

For the Earth Mother: Our fabulous range of Bee pendants and earrings are the ideal way to express love for the natural world, as well as acknowledge the incredible work our industrious friends do in keeping us fed and nurtured.


For the garden lover:  Our stunning Swarovski Crystal Posy Basket brooch ensures endless year-round colour for lovers of all thing floral.

For the dog walker: Who says dog walkers shouldn’t look stylish as well as have their practical needs met? Our beautifully embroidered cross body Poppy bag leaves hands free for ball throwing, petting, treating and other ‘necessary’ tasks.

For lovers of our feline friends:  Our experience is that if you are a cat lover you are a CAT LOVER! Why not show that passion with a beautifully crafted enamel and crystal cat brooch?

For the Star Gazers:  Whether a simple yet stylish silver star or a crystal encrusted mini star pendant, choosing one of these for your Mum speaks volumes about how you see them.

For the Mum on the Go… Time may be precious but that’s no reason to forgo looking stylish. Simple, over the wrist bracelets with pull clasps, long elegant costume jewellery that can be slipped over the head, sumptuously soft scarves that provide the finishing touch to any outfit…  all take moments to put on but afford the wearer hours of pleasure.

Whether you are looking for silver, crystal, semi-precious or costume jewellery, or accessories, such as scarves, bags and gloves, Silver 54 has a wide selection to choose from. All purchases are gift wrapped in our trademark purple and silver packaging.

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