Opals date back to 4000BC. The earliest discovery of opals came from Ethiopia, but today the majority are mined in Australia.

Known for its luminescence, the opal contains a kaleidoscope of colours and is a truly stunning gemstone.

According to Arabic legend, opals fell from the sky in bolts of lightning. Australian aborigines, meanwhile, believed that the creator came to earth on a rainbow, leaving these colorful stones where his feet touched the ground.

The opal was also treasured for its beauty in Elizabethan England. It was quoted as the “queen of gems” in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Queen Victoria presented her children with opal jewellery, thus making the stone very popular.

Our unique pieces of boulder opal are another form of this amazing stone. These are mined from large ironstone boulders and are the second most valuable type of opal.

We also have some pieces of opalite, this is a synthetic opal that is created in a laboratory but has all the same characteristics and is equally beautiful as a naturally occurring opal.

The opal is said to enrich memory, aid in focus and also to enhance fidelity and gentleness in love.

Opal jewellery truly makes a great gift for anyone with a birthday in October…or just anyone at all!