Peridot, the birthstone of August, is one gemstone that really can be said to be out of this world. Famously mined by the ancient Egyptians on the Red Sea island of Zabargad, the stone has also been found in pallasite meteorites – remnants of our solar system’s birth – and, more recently, in comet dust recovered from Nasa’s Stardust probe, which returned to earth in 2005.

Incredibly, some peridot found in pallasite meteorites have been of sufficient size and quality to allow them to be faceted and polished to gemstone quality.



The only gemstone to come in a single colour, peridot is getting harder to find in the larger deep coloured stones, so we are particularly thrilled with our range, which offers the bright green transparent stone the greatest opportunity to sparkle in its delicate silver settings.




With green being the colour of the season, peridot is also a great alternative to the more traditional blues and reds that are more widely available.  Why not pop into the shop and have a look at the entire peridot range? Prices start from £25.00.