Dear Santa, it’s that time of year again. The one when our beloveds are let out alone, unsupervised, to purchase that special gift to show us how much we mean to them. And, not wanting to seem ungrateful, I really don’t want another hoover, iron, electrical appliance or garden tool! I really rather fancy something small and shiny and wrapped in beautiful packaging that peeps out from underneath our bauble laden tree.

And I’d like to think that he knows I have pierced ears, that my favourite colour is blue, and that I love chunky strong designs rather than simple small pieces.

But just in case Dear Santa, I wonder if you can help? I have found some pieces that I would love to find in the packages you leave beneath the Christmas Tree and I wonder if you could point him in the right direction if I share some of my favourites with you?

Like this fabulous mistletoe necklace, with matching bracelet – just the thing to make me feel loved and special.

Or this glitzy Art Deco set that adds a hint of decadence to my Christmas outfit and will be oh so useful for my New Year’s choices.

Silver & Cubic Zirconia Deco Style Chandelier PendantSilver & Cubic Zirconia Deco Style Chandelier Earrings

And as for this lovely fluid bracelet that resembles a series of paperclips, its all the rage this season and its sleek design is ideal for everyday wear and for layering with watches and other bracelets.

I am sure the ladies in Silver 54 will be more than happy to help you pick up my special surprise. And their little purple bags with Christmas decorations are guaranteed to set my heart aflutter.

Thank you Santa. Yours, the ladies of Hertfordshire.