Mention the words Valentine’s Day and people immediately envision hearts and roses for their partner or lover. In reality, one of the most popular origins of the day has its roots in the love between friends.

Valentine’s Day Origins

Although there were numerous St Valentines, an early legend of around 274 has it that a Catholic Priest – Valentine – was jailed by order of the Roman Emperor for performing weddings for Christian soldiers who were forbidden to marry. Whilst in jail, Valentine befriended the sightless daughter of the jailer and is said to have cured her blindness. Just before he was due to be executed, he wrote the young woman a farewell letter and signed it ‘Your Valentine’. And so the legend began.

Love tokens

Whether these are the actual origins of our Valentine’s Day today, there is little doubt about its popularity in the calendar. And while flowers and chocolates are lovely to receive – so too are more permanent reminders of love; ones that can be given to friends and family as well as your beloved.

Jewellery has long been a proponent of the heart shape as a token of love, and the motif comes in a myriad of shapes, designs and sizes. These range from simple classic hearts to more elaborate designs that incorporate other symbols, such as feathers, and stones such as Cubic Zirconia.



Familial love

Then there are the hearts that feature familial love, such as a mother and child or a family – these are more modern interpretations and are increasing in popularity – not just for Valentine’s Day but also Mothering Sunday and birthdays.

Endless love

Some people prefer a less obvious token of affection, such as a circle with single or multiple rings, or jewellery with an infinity sign or that represents no beginning and no end.



And for those looking to express their love and friendship in a non-jewellery manner, there are things like mouth blown Friendships Hearts and Globes that have their roots in an old glass blowing tradition. Whilst blowing glass during the day, the glass workers would drop their offcuts of glass into a bucket and at the end of their workday would make gifts for their friends and families.



Whether you regard Valentine’s Day as purely for lovers or enjoy the idea of expressing your love for friends and family, there is no shortage of options for permanent gifts that will be cherished and passed own over the years.

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